San Antonio Busy Bodies began as the Trinity University Motor Behavior Learning Laboratory in 1970. Establishing the laboratory as a research and practicum site for Trinity University undergraduate and graduate students, Dr. Strauss (Director) led the work with children needing special assistance with motor behavior development delays. In 1988, the program moved from Trinity University campus. In 1992, the program incorporated and became a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and officially became known as San Antonio Busy Bodies, Inc.

San Antonio Busy Bodies is open to all children regardless of their race, religion, or national origin.


The mission of San Antonio Busy Bodies is to provide a fun and effective motor behavior and learning center for children from early childhood through adolescence where the learning atmosphere is one in which success is the rule rather than the exception. San Antonio Busy Bodies believes that each child can improve their motor behavior as they relate to the following:

  • Sensory processing skills (visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, proprioceptive, and vestibular)
  • Fundamental gross motor skills (static and dynamic)
  • Motor planning and control (interaction of perception and postural and voluntary movement awareness – handwriting and sports skills)
  • Manipulative and fine motor skills (using scissors, tying shoes and handwriting)
  • Cognitive abilities (improving critical thinking and language as a medium for learning through movement)
  • Self-esteem (children desire need to participate, communicate and interact within their school, home and community in an acceptable manner)

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs San Antonio Busy Bodies. They are responsible for developing program policy and fundraising. Board members, community leaders, parents, and others dedicated to the goals of San Antonio Busy Bodies. The Board of Directors includes:

Dr. Mishaleen Allen, President
Marianne Wray, Vice President
Selina Maloney, Secretary
Bob Wray
Barbara Crane
Milli Hohensee
Pat Maloney


San Antonio Busy Bodies receives financial support and scholarship tuition from private donations, foundations, and professional organizations in San Antonio and surrounding areas.