Dr. Robert Strauss, Director

Robert Strauss - Director

Dr. Strauss received his BS degree from Trinity University, MS degree from the University of Illinois, and his doctorate from The University of New Mexico. Dr. Strauss served on the faculty at Trinity University for 35 years (1964-1999). During his tenure there, he was a professor in the Department of Physical Education. He served as chairman of the department from 1994 until his retirement in 1999. In 1970, Dr. Strauss developed and served as director of the Motor Behavior and Learning Laboratory (MBLL), a learning and research lab for students at Trinity University. In 1988, the MBLL moved off -campus and became known as San Antonio Busy Bodies, Inc. Dr. Strauss has authored and co-authored chapters in books and articles and has presented at local, state and national meetings throughout the United States. He also served as president of several local, state, and national organizations. Since his retirement from Trinity University in 1999, he continues to serve as director of San Antonio Busy Bodies, Inc., which has become his passion. He describes it as a fun, learning experience in helping children learn to perform.


Latrice Robertson, Motor Development Specialist

Latrice Robertson - Motor Development Specialist

Latrice received her BA degree from Baylor University in Communication Science and Disorders. She also served as a practicum instructor in the Baylor Speech Clinic while completing her degree at Baylor University. Latrice takes pride in the fact that she is a product of San Antonio Busy Bodies. She feels that her experience in the program as a young child helped her get where she is today. Working with the children here, fulfills a dream of hers to someday contribute back to Busy Bodies what it gave her.