What parents are saying

I apologize for taking this long to write. Sometimes it takes time to stand back and really watch your child grow, excel and succeed. It also takes time to determine how and why.

Dr. Strauss and staff patiently worked with us to remove or solve any potential obstacle for our child to get to the 'real' diagnosis. We worked with Busy Bodies for 2 years from Kinder (5) through First Grade (6). 

My husband and I can directly attribute the efficiency and accuracy of his work to you and your staff. Our son loves school and his favorite subject at age 7 is Cursive Writing. Busy Bodies staff worked diligently with him to improve his handwriting technique. Before Busy Bodies, he was not able to complete his work within a given time. Within a year, he was performing above grade level expectations. He's excelling academically and socially. 

We are thrilled with his progression and know that he doesn't 'need' Busy Bodies anymore - but he 'wants' to go back. He never felt like he was in therapy or working. He just had fun. This is a great testament to the staff and their love for what they do. 

Thank you for showing us our child's full potential. 

Tara & Gordon Niebergall


"Jesse is plenty smart but had trouble proving it. This program really made a difference!"

David and Joy Hoeft, parents of Jesse - age 11

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